A Full Service Statewide Community Association Law Firm consists of two components; (1) Being highly skilled, experienced and able to provide Legal Services in ALL areas of Law potentially affecting Community Associations and (2) Practicing and providing those Legal Services exclusively to Community Associations throughout the state.


We help you operate your Community legally, effectively and efficiently.

Katzman Chandler’s Transactional Department is designed to meet our Community Association clients’ short term needs and long term goals. Be it, Amendments, Bank Loans, Opinion Letters, Contract Reviews, Board and/or Membership Meetings, we have you covered…

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We offer Hourly, Blended and Fully Contingent representation Options.

While litigation should never be entered into lightly, Associations often find themselves in situations that demand or require them to seek redress in the courts to resolve an issue that the parties have been unable to resolve.  If and when those situations arise, we have you covered…

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25,000+ Delinquent Account Collection matters successfully handled to conclusion and counting.

This is where experience matters most!  Regardless of the size of your community or your present delinquency we offer multiple representation models to suit your particular community’s needs, 24/7 Online Status Reports and Electronic Delivery of Communications.  Delinquency happens and when it does we have you covered…

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You paid the Premium, We make them write the Check.

When a hurricane damages your property, we are there from the beginning to ensure you quickly receive the “undisputed” and “disputed” compensation you deserve.

The Insurance Claims process is complicated and frustrating. It is designed that way.  When the wind blows we have you covered…

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This is an area of extreme specialty.  Focus on prior Experience & Results.

Timely Investigation and Pursuit of Construction Defect Claims against the many potential parties culpable is essential to ensure that remediation will not be at your members’ expense.  We, along with our team of experts and professionals have you covered…

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