Choosing the right Law Firm to resolve your Hurricane Claim can make the difference between a good settlement, a great settlement, or no settlement at all.

Hurricane Claims Through Katzman Chandler

We all know the damage that hurricanes can cause. But there’s also the mental toll they take on us.

Dealing with insurance companies and the potential for litigation causes lots of frustration and stress.

But when you choose to work with Katzman Chandler, we become your partner and legal guide through the complicated insurance claims process. We have decades of experience and have achieved true financial success for our clients handling their property damage claims that result from hurricanes.

Prepare for the 2022 hurricane season for your community association by reading our FREE Hurricane Guide.

Why Choose Katzman Chandler for Hurricane Claim Services?

We know Association Law, We know Casualty Law, to obtain a great Community Association Hurricane Claim Settlement or Verdict you must know BOTH.

We’ll help you work through a system that is set up to deny or underpay your valid claims.

Because we work on a fully contingent basis, you won’t owe us any Legal Fees or Costs unless we collect on your behalf.

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