The Condo HOA Loans Program is the best solution for customized, competitive lending options for your Community Association.

What is CondoHOALoans?

We help Communities like yours find the Conventional or Private funding needed for Projects, Reserves or Cash Flow.

We encourage you to visit a site dedicated to providing information and educational materials focused on the ins and outs of Community Association Financing.

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How Can CondoHOALoans Help Your Community?

We learn about your particular circumstances to understand your unique needs and create a financial plan along with your Board of Directors.

If your Association is in need of funds to complete much-needed capital projects, fund reserve accounts, or provide adequate cash flow, we can help!  Representatives at CondoHOALoans are available to discuss your Community’s specific circumstances, as well as its challenges and goals. We’ll then assist your Board in creating a workable plan to overcome those challenges and achieve those goals – helping your community to identify funding options for the necessary repairs, maintenance, reserves, and cash flow to ensure your Community’s long-term financial stability.

Katzman Chandler, through our CondoHOALoans program, is committed to being your legal resource for identifying and obtaining competitive financing options for all of your Association’s financial needs – even if you were previously turned down or believe that your Community will not qualify for a conventional loan.

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